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        muti-turn gearbox
        quater-turn gearbox -worm gearbox
        Valves accessories
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      YongJia DuoLi  Machinery manufacture Co., LTD Is a professional research and development, production and marketing of valve valve drive device companies, enterprises employ has rich experience of design and manufacturing of valve actuation device expert guidance, and insists on regarding science and technology development pillar of for the enterprise development, with perfect effective quality management system and perfect testing equipments as a guarantee...
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      ·BA SERIES DEMINSION... [2012-6-8]   ·Valve actuation devi... [2011-6-13]  
      ·The understanding of... [2011-5-30]   ·How to identify tank... [2011-5-30]  
      1.free technical advisory services,answer their questions,cable letter will send,warmly service,according to the needs of user can also on-site guidance.
      2.products in acceptance,debugging process like the discovery quality problem,our factory to replace the product immediately, until the user satisfaction.
      3.the warranty period,guarantee product vulnerability parts supply,protect from the reasonable cost charge costprice.

      YongJia DuoLi Machinery manufacture Co., LTD 
      Tel:0577-67977869  Mobile:13588919088 Email:dl@cndlm.com Website:http://www.aizailvyou.com
      Addr:Zhejiang wenzhou OuBeiZhen east street 176 

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